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Our new Wooden Pallets are made to the highest quality standards and requirements.
We guarantee that cost savings are passed on to our clients by maintaining huge supplies of timber acquired from managed, sustainable woods at affordable rates.
We make every effort to guarantee that all pallet requirements fulfill current client expectations and provide value to the organization.

We make and transport new wood pallets into a variety of industry sectors, including food, beverages, medical, engineering, automotive, print & packaging, retail, and general manufacturing.

We are constant in our approach of providing the best value to all of our clients by using our pallet design technique.

As a consequence, we never purposefully over-engineer or develop a product that is inefficient.

We exclusively utilize high-quality wood from managed and sustainable forests.

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The two wood types most frequently used for pallet wood are oak and pine. This may come as a surprise to some, as oak is a hardwood and pine a softwood.

With increased concern for environmental impact of shipping materials, wood pallets provide an eco-friendly option. Materials used in their construction can be harvested from old pallets, or recycled for other uses. The pallets can be recycled into mulch, poster board, and paper.

C Grade PalletsPine timber is often utilized in pallet manufacturing because of its vast availability and inexpensive cost . It also provides a clean product that is required for a variety of applications such as pharmaceutical or food-related businesses. There is also an unending supply of furnishings. We also employ pine pallets since softwoods are more weight compatible than hardwoods, providing the product a high stability to weight ratio. Another important factor is that softwoods dry faster, preventing contamination from fungus, molds, or other pests.

San Antonio Pallets Designed and built to your precise specifications. Product size, weight, transportation situations, and government regulations are all taken into account. Because of our extensive pallet network, extensive expertise, and substantial financial resources, we are able to develop bespoke items.

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Every facet of your products, distribution, and logistics is considered in our one-of-a-kind designs. We utilize the findings of researches to develop a pallet solution that fits your company's demands in every manner. You'll receive exactly what you need with us.

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To guarantee that all of our new products reach the highest standards of excellence, we only employ the best materials and cutting-edge technology. 

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Our wood pallet design program is tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Using cutting-edge equipment, we can design and manufacture pallets for a wide range of purposes. We follow industry standards to offer the best possible value.