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Since 2015, AFI Pallets Solutions a.ka San Antonio Pallets has been a leader in the manufacturing, repair, and sales of pallets in San Antonio Tx and the surrounding area. Whether you are searching for custom/specialty pallets or wholesale options for your supply chain, we have your solution.

Our commitment to exceptional service, attention to detail, experience in the industry, and focus on the sustainability of our products are just some of the things that set us apart from the competition.

We are your trusted source for cost-effective, environmentally-conscious pallets. Partner with us today and let us exceed your expectations!

Are you looking for an affordable pallet supplier in San Antonio, Texas? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! It’s no secret that pallets are one of the most adaptable and cost-effective construction materials available. Pallets might be an excellent choice for building a new deck, shed, or even a house. The advantages don’t end there; they also make excellent furniture when repurposed as a coffee table or headboard.

Pallets San Antonio TX has a large selection of new and used pallets for sale. We have you covered whether you need a single pallet or a huge number. We also provide delivery and pick-up services, ensuring that your pallets arrive on schedule and in good shape. You receive the greatest customer service without having to spend extra withed Pallets San Antonio TX. You’ll appreciate the fact that all of our new pallets are constructed entirely of recycled wood. You’ll also like how soon we can get them to you. There’s no need to search any farther than us for New Pallets in San Antonio TX.

We have some of the most competitive prices in town, so you can get a high-quality product at an affordable price here. Our customer service representatives are always ready to answer any questions you may have concerning price, shipping rates, and other topics. There’s no excuse not to take advantage of what we have to offer in terms of Used Pallets San Tonio TX or New Pallets San Antonion TX – the sky’s the limit with us!

Here at Pallets San Antonio TX, we make sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest legislation so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service.  The company is 100% licensed and insured and provides a quality product at an unbeatable price and we are honored to be a part of Pallet Junction.

San Antonio Pallet Haul Offs
Pallets San Antonio Pallets


New Pallets

San Antonio Pallets Service can provide any new pallet type that is required. We can construct anything from conventional sizes to custom sizes.

Recycled Pallets

San Antonio Pallets Service has the resources to give all of the solutions you want, thanks to a steady influx of used pallets. We bring them in, renovate them as necessary, and supply the pallets you require.

Custom Pallets

Our specialization is custom pallets. We can manufacture pallets to your exact specifications. You tell us, and we'll construct it.

AFI Pallet Solutions provides our consumers great service, high-quality resources, and knowledge. We provide customized pallets that are cost effective, dependable, and long-lasting.


San Antonio Recycled Pallet Supplier

With years and years of knowledge, we are fully committed to enriching and uplifting our goods and services network by expanding our client base. Our high-quality services supply pallets at a reasonable cost, never charging an extra penny, gaining trust, and establishing a bond over time.

The wood pallets. Made with pride!

We supply, distribute, and store top-quality wood packing pallets across Pallets San Antonio TX, United States. 

San Antonio PalletsUsing high-quality material with a guarantee makes goods more manageable to transport. We provide both new and used pallets at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of applications for our pallets! With us, you may find the appropriate use for your pallets, from shipping goods to furniture to building supplies. The trick is to ensure that they are strong enough for whatever purpose you intend to use them for. Our repurposed Pallets are significantly stronger than shipping containers, allowing you to stack or store heavy products without fear of breaking them. Commercial and industrial customers can utilize them for everything from storage to transportation because to their stability and robustness. You may use our long-lasting and shock-resistant pallets with a reputable brand for stacking, storing, protecting, and shipping.
Pallets San Antonio TX is delighted to provide our customers with high-quality, long-lasting pallets at a competitive price. We recognize the significance of quality control and longevity in your business, which is why we only provide the best items on the market. Our pallets can endure weather conditions because of the quality of our materials, such as rain and water for a longer period of time. They are regularly sent back and forth between makers and purchasers due to their sturdy qualities. We make it possible by monitoring quality assurance.

New Pallets San Antonio We are not trees. We are not fixed. We shape and design the pellets for your product's safety concerning size, shape, and weight. We mold ourselves and our products to fulfill your urgent demands according to your requirement. Our impressive knowledge, expertise, and resources help provide our customers with high-quality, accessible wooden pallets and packaging adapted to meet their needs. protecting, and transporting

Used Pallets San Antonio

Following a comprehensive evaluation, our used pallets are evaluated based on their condition. Used pallet prices are lower than new pallet pricing. There is no dispute regarding their long-term viability. As a result, you may store with confidence and move across greater distances with ease.
Recycled Pallets
Due to environmental safety and budget-friendly limelight, recycled pallets are widely used. We offer a wide range of recycled pallets, and design options. Recycled Pallets are a perfect option for environmentally-conscious business programs and those skimming to explore new cost-saving measures. Our pallet products are incredible to accommodate a wide variety of company products.

Best possible wood pallets available.

Our staff is made up of specialists in their respective fields. They have the expertise and experience to assist you with your pallet requirements. We’re here to assist you in locating the best option for your pallet. You can rely on us to offer you with the best service possible.
Our team’s fervor and consistency create a solid foundation for expanding our network with dependability.

You will always enjoy our wood pallets

We endeavor to be the most cost-effective and dependable pallet provider in the area. When it comes to business, we recognize that time is money. That is why we provide quick and simple pallet haul off services to save you time and money. Our innovative use of technology contributes to the improvement of the building and engineering processes. Our energetic and skilled team approaches clients in a courteous and encouraging manner. A dedicated department has been formed to handle post-sale service.

San Antonio 's Finest Wooden Pallets

Our primary business is to supply appropriate pallets based on design, cargo characteristics, storage capacity, and transportation requirements. This may help you maximize and secure shipments or transportation, ensuring they reach at their destination while not costing the earth. We prepare pallets that are custom-made to the customer’s specifications.